MY MERRY MACHINE released new single/video “Hello Darkness” of their upcoming album “Total War”


MY MERRY MACHINE release their new video from the upcoming album “Total War” (out June 14,.2024).
They have shown that they can be “Extreme” (single #1), with the new, second single My Merry Machine call for darkness!

Who is My Merry Machine?
My Merry Machine – when even the most courageous visions become reality! And My Merry Machine make sure only My Merry Machine take hold of the reins of their wheel – or better machine – of fortune! Founded with a clear vision of their music and their origins and at the same time equipped with super strong visual images and imaginations combined with the enthralling  storytelling metaphoric language of their song lyrics, My Merry Machine invite us on “Total War” to their fascinating world, their very own dream factory, fueled by total dedication and unstoppable creativity! Get ready for a deep-dive with no escape-plan! Get ready for My Merry Machine!