Ossuary – Stellar Annihilation (Album Review)

Release Date: November 25th 2023 - Awakening Records

Ossuary - Stellar Annihilation

Colombia is known for many things, but today, remember the South American country by “Stellar Annihilation”, the latest album of Ossuary.

A creepy announcement called “Freezing Souls” starts telling you the end of the human race and prepare mentally to accept this fate.

The gradually developing song “Arrival” sets the mood of this album which is all about a Lovecraftian cosmic horror and a dystopian alien invasion.

Ossuary makes a great effort to pay tribute to the old-school death metal, especially with “Arrival” and “I’m an Experiment”. With a raw growl and clever bass by Brahiam Valencia, in songs like “Temporary Vitrification” or “Chants”, the Colombians state that they strongly appreciate the instrumental sounds of American Death Metal of the early 90s.

No doubt that in “New Alliance”, the human species has been dominated by the aliens and starts to worship them as gods. This is one of the tracks that drummer Julian Vega shines with his top-notch drumming and blast beats.

Juan Esteban Sánchez does a good job, despite being left alone. In the previous album, there was an additional guitarist. His riffs are putrid and full of contrast as we can hear it in “Chaos Awakening”.

The Colombians have put into the CD stores shelves an interesting record and contributed to the metal scene with their Lovecraftian apocalypse that goes beyond imagination.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Colombia

Reviewed by Taiki