Pridelands – Light Bends (Album Review)

Release Date: January 14th 2022 - Resist Records

DUDE! I love how this band is developing! Some of the opening bits on the intro track had me worried it was going to launch into a clone of a mid-career Architects album but 2 minutes into the 2nd track the ambiance takes a turn and is just torn apart and rebuilt into these killer grooves!

The Songs on this album deliver something very new while at the same time not trying to reinvent the platform that the whole core/melodic metal/metalcore beast is currently sitting on.

The pulse of this album just dominates! It has an amazing machine-like flow with riffs that wander away from generic chugging without not knowing when to wander back when they are necessary.

The face-melting percussive Vox is one with the sledgehammer Guitar riffs until they transform into a melodic monolith before you get bored of banging your head.

The use of synths on this record is a lot more cooperative than a basic backing track. It’s worked into a lot of the guitar breaks quite effectively with these industrial sounds that work as well as they did for massive attacks in the 90s.

This album’s a monster and it’s my favorite release from the metal/core/math/alt genre so far this year.

If you like:  If you are mad for your metalcore/mathcore groups like Architects, North lane, etc you’ll love this. You’re going to hear all those familiar melodic metal staples with their own personal signature carving a name for themselves with those killer breaks and synth parts.

Haters be like:  If you’ve never liked the punk/hardcore/metalcore branch of the Metal tree you might be a critic. It Slaps like a dead fish filled with nails and hand grenades but so definitely give it a chance.

It Gets 5 – Flaming, Horny, Mutant, Metal GoatMen

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Resist Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Patt Sabbath Reviews