Regnant – Transvisceral (Re-Issue Review)

Release Date: June 24th 2022 - Awakening Records

Regnant - Transvisceral

Awakening Records have done it again. This is a luscious re-issue of filthy death grind Stalwarts Regnant. The Chileans may have reformed in recent times, but this is a glorious re-issue of their 1997 debut album that also contains their 1995 demo “Eyes of Suffering” plus some bonus tracks.

Regnant is pure death metal with flourishes of thrash and that original grinding guitar sound. The result is tough immediate and visceral. Their power lies in the simplicity of their arrangements and the ferocity of their delivery ‘’ Evolutive Error’’ the short sharp “En Coma” and ‘’The Rape” capture their immediate, intense style from pounding double kicks and harsh vitriolic vocals to the guitar that shreds like razors across the skin. Its hateful yet memorable as on ‘’Deprived’’ and surprising as the 1 minute plus of “’ source of Suffering’’ delivers some tempo-inspired madness.

Pure death metal for those who love the music for its velocity, upfront attack, and passion for pure death with subject matter dripping in gore and horror. ‘’Transvisceral’’ may have been overlooked on its debut but it holds its own, sounding remarkably fresh and undated. Whilst its influences are evident some of this is so good it demands repeated listens with a demented grin.

With the biography and excellent photos, liner notes this presentation of the early days of the band this re-issue is excellent and allows their gory darkness to live on!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Chile

Reviewed by Sparky