PYSCHOWARD Releases New Album “Committed”!

PSYCHOWARDFronted by charismatic John ‘Wardi’ Ward, PsychoWard are eagerly anticipating the release of their upcoming full length album, “Committed”. With a long-standing history in the rock ‘n roll scene, UK born Wardi spent the 80’s living in L.A when heavy metal was dominating Hollywood. He has worked with the likes of Slash, Madam X and Hurricane, and his former band, Shame, was managed by Gene Simmons up until 1992. In 1994 Wardi took over vocal duties in Shy for a time, after the departure of Tony Mills. When the grunge movement started to gain momentum in the states, Wardi returned to the UK to continue recording and touring with Oliver Dawson Saxson. In 2015, Wardi relocated to Spain where he crossed paths with six-string legend Miguel Angel Lopez Escamez, and the story of PsychoWard began. Miguel has played in numerous chart-topping, legendary 1980’s Spanish bands, and has lent his guitar skills to over 50 recordings, including projects with artists like Edge Of The Blade, Rowan Robertson, Gene Allen, Dave Marshall and more.

In conjunction with Battlegod Productions, PsychoWard will be unleashing “Committed” into the world on January 12, 2024.


Tracklist 01. Crazy Angel02. Forever More03. Celebrate04. Chniese Whispers05. Part Of The Machine06. Sleepwell07. Champions08. What Am I Doing Wrong  09. Thrown It All Away10. One More For The Road11. Champions (NO FX) BONUS