Enter Six – Enter Six (Album Review)

Enter Six

Who wants a smack in the side of the head? I didn’t particularly, but I stood there like a man, gained my exposure then let this Sydney 3 piece riff machine take their best shots, and boy can they punch!

Enter Six are made up of members Alex Vexler (guitar/vocals), Andrija Skocic (Drums), and bassist Peter Beard, collectively putting you through an ear-piercing 10 minutes of thrash that leaves you wanting more. I love Enter Six’s tempo changes during this EP, one minute they’re playing this brutal slow style then it kicks into a fast-paced attack, which reminds me a lot of old atheists, as you’re not quite sure what’s going to come flying out of the dark at you next.

I enjoy the fact that they’re a 3 piece outfit considering the wall to wall sound they can produce, with the dirty rasping vocals, the guitar/bass sound is magnificent, very heavy for the genre they play, and a live assault would be a great, ideal mosh pit rampage for sure, and Andrija’s drumming is a skill full and tight with some brilliant cymbal work. You can’t fault these guys with regards to what they’re trying to achieve with this sound, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait for a full-length album as the 3 songs gives you a definite taste of what they play and I’m eagerly awaiting some more of Enter Six’s heavy riffages on a full-length release.

This EP is definitely worth a crank on the old stereo, and with their thrashy brand they’re going to collect quite a supporter base, and a live experience is a must, so keep your ears peeled down your local watering hole for Enter Six to come to destroy the joint, it will be loud, nasty and sweaty, hey, just how we like it!

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Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed Hayden G.M.