Self-Titled by Gutter Tactic

5 piece from Sydney

These guys have produced a 7 track album and are already starting to demonstrate quite a seasoned sound despite only having been together a few years. Regret opens with a moody, slow building riff before it explodes into a serious, head banging metal fest. This is a 6 minute+ song and yet I can\’t pull myself away, it\’s that good. And it\’s not the only 6 minute song on the album. This is the sort of stuff that requires a lot of jamming and hard work. The diverse harsh and clean vocal techniques also add a lot of light and shade to the album which is important when you\’re playing music this intense.

Tortured has an unforgettably heavy intro and has become my favourite due to the interesting choices they have made on where to take after that initial riff, often an area that muso\’s get themselves in trouble. It\’s hard enough to find a memorable riff, but to ignore the temptation to just make the whole song about that riff requires a lot more musicality, skill and maturity.

Are they the next Parkway drive? Time will tell, but if they keep doing what they are doing, they are destined for some big things for sure.

Release Year: 2013
Country: Australia

Reviewer: Matt

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