Self-Titled by Distillator

"Old school thrash" is what this three piece from the Netherlands, want to bring to the world (according to their Bio). This is their first independent release and judging by this short but sweet E/P "old school thrash" is alive and kicking.

The band is Desecrator on Guitars / Lead Vocals, Frankie Suim on Bass / Vocals (both ex-members of Face The Fact) and Angel Eater on Drums. The music does take you back to the 80’s when thrash really tore up Metal’s foundations and although the sound may feel a little clean at times (perhaps a result of the independent recording) the music is precisely timed speed riffs, backed in unison by smacked bass and continuous speed bass drum kicks (the latter does go to the extent of overkill at times).

As I said short and sweet is this E/P and I’m not going to get into great depths, as this review will take longer to read than the release to listen to. The tracks are sharp and there is enough there to suggest these guys will be back with more material (hopefully a little longer play time). For what its worth I reckon "Warmonger" will get a few extra plays on my system.

Release Year: 2013

Reviewer: Eugene Crabtree