STYGIAN CROWN To Release “Funeral For A King” In February

STYGIAN CROWN1Los Angeles (CA) – L.A. Doom crew Stygian Crown returns with their long-awaited sophomore album, “Funeral for a King”, a formidable LP built upon the foundation of Epic Doom and Death Metal. Cruz Del Sur Music will release Funeral for a King on February 23, 2024 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The members of Los Angeles-based epic doom metallers Stygian Crown found themselves with the luxury and subsequent burden of time when composing the material for their second studio album, “Funeral for a King”. It was a luxury because the band now had the opportunity to comb over their tracks with a fine-tooth comb, removing and improving upon their ideas. It was a burden because months then years flew by before Stygian Crown was finally happy with the finished product because of their attention to detail and unwillingness to compromise. However, it was all in the name of avoiding the dreaded “sophomore slump,” something Funeral for a King annihilates with a resounding hammer blow of doom.

Funeral for a King’s lyrics tackle a recurring theme for Stygian Crown: the nature of monsters and how they are defined. The album features cover art from the hailed Kris Verwimp, who discussed a multitude of ideas with Davis before the drummer landed on the Funeral for a King title while practicing Rainbow songs in his home drum room. It proved to be the perfect tie-in to the band’s mythological themes and their love of classic metal. The beauty of Funeral for a King lies not only with the craftsmanship of its songs but also with the shared experiences of the members of Stygian Crown. All five have been in a variety of bands before Stygian Crown, but none have quite gotten the creative satisfaction until now. Doom coming from an honest place like this is hard to deny.

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