Septerrus – Tacit (Album Review)

Septerrus - Tacit

Tacit is the debut album of Victorian thrash metal band Septerrus. From the minute this album starts there is a boom and thunder delivered with a crisp and slick production that instantly excites you about the next 10 tracks. There is easily recognizable thrash speed but with a real heaviness that helps the album stand out from the countless run-of-the-mill thrash albums around.
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The separation from the average continues with Ben O\’Brien\’s outstanding anger-induced death-like growls.

Thrash is a great form of metal but at times can get monotonous if all tracks are played at breakneck speed, one of the nice things about Tacit is the varying speeds and tempos with an obvious strong influence of early crossover death metal bands. The variations in speed and rhythm provide great levels of interest for repeated listens but do not let up on the heaviness and overall mood of the album with plenty of bone-shattering riffs from James Munro, Luke Besley, and Mark Dawes and the thunderous drums by Adam Bartleson throughout.

This is an outstanding heavy metal album, even more, impressive than it is their debut.
The standout tracks are, the opening track Get to the Border, Cyclical, Undefeatable, Insidious, Nothing of Value.
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Septerrus: Facebook

Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin