Blood Luxury – Trance (EP Review)

Blood Luxury - Trance

Tassie band Blood Luxury is not a bad bunch of guys and is doing their best for the death metal scene. Track one ‘trance’ starts of with some cool intricate guitar melodies with just as cool drumming three quarters through there is a nice clean guitar section that’s not expected but sounds really cool. Not a bad way to start an EP.

Track 2 ‘beckon the call’ swings straight into the action with a scream from lead singer John Gerrard. I must say that the vocals are good but could’ve used more oomph. But the current vocals still work quite nicely a very muddling song tempo-wise but very cool.

Track 3 ‘cleaning’ is the final track that has a very eerie feel to it with off-beat drumming and riffs that make the song work overall this little EP works well and gives all Aussie metal lovers a taste of what is to come from this up and coming outfit.

I give it three roos out of five for the effort the guys have put into it.

Label: self-release
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Scott Max Wells