Avarin – Requiem (Album Review)

I don’t go much on power metal but Avarin is quite good. The first 2 tracks ‘The unwilling’ and ‘Turn of the tides’ sound very Iron Maiden but with a bit more style and ferocity. The third song ‘Shadows and miracles’ starts a little slow working up to a nice beat, sort of like Black Sabbath but with faster drumming. The fourth track ‘By her grave’ starts with muddling pace changes and makes it sound out of place, but as the song progresses it turns out nicely. The fifth track ‘The black rose’ is the real power ballad of the album with nice riff changes and the singing is quite decent in this one, still reminding me of Iron Maiden except the singing of course. The sixth track starts out quite thrashy and almost sounded out of place but like any good power metal band they make it fit nicely and it’s most likely the best song on the album. Also the seventh track ‘A shade of doubt’ is yet another power ballad and is sang nicely with some really good guitar work and a well-performed solo.

The album finishes with the album’s title track ‘Requiem’. The song starts off really heavy and it’s a good track to finish the album with professionally integrated tempo changes, cool guitar riffs and backing vocals with a nice but quick little melodic bridge.

All over Avarin are a good band in their particular genre.

Release Year: 2011
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Scott Max Wells