TRIPLE KILL – Blackened Dawn (Album Review)

Release Date: August 25th 2023 - Independent

Triple Kill - Blackened Dawn

Triple Kill is a heavy metal band from Australia formed in 2016 releasing their debut E.P. ‘The First Kill’ in 2017. The band’s debut full length album ‘Age Of Rebellion’ followed in 2018, with sophomore album ‘Blackened Dawn’ a 2023 release.

Hailing from the land down under where kangaroos, koalas, dingoes, wombats and wallabies live, Home And Away, Neighbours, and The Flying Doctors launched Australian TV soap operas to a worldwide audience, come forth five Melbourne musicians hellbent on delivering hard hitting heavy metal with a fun, and enjoyable twist! You just have to take a look at the band’s video for the single ‘Shai-Hulud’ to see how eccentric the band are – click here to watch the full version on the band’s own YouTube channel.

But outside of the band’s frivolity and humour, Triple Kill are deadly serious when it comes to heavy metal – the new album nine songs and forty one full on minutes of metal from every area of the heavy metal genre. There really is something for everyone here – the album opener, and title song, ‘Blackened Dawn’ a six minute swagger that swans into view with a mellow, crescendo building first forty seconds, soulful vocals taking ‘Blackened Dawn’ (the song) to the edge of anticipation! And then after two minutes, a crushing barrage of metal changes the entire ambience, the band foraging forth with aggression and menace! Not too much though, just enough to wake up the sleepiest of listeners to exclaim “WTF” – the barrage of metal overpowering and fucking gorgeous at the same time! There’s so much variety highlighting so many different styles I’m not gonna list ’em all here – let’s just see how many you can hear!

Increasing pace and intensity, ‘…And Hell Followed With Him’ is a thrash metal influenced high speed headbanger, totally wrecking the necks of everyone everywhere! Triple Kill have swung the wrecking ball, and scored a direct hit – the barrage of savagery levelled out by a highly melodious and sing a long-able chorus break. What a sparkling opening one-two! And now the fun filled ‘Shai-Hulud’ – and you’ve really gotta watch the full and un-edited video to fully understand the band’s sense of humour – a wall of sound decimating the airways and sounding like it should be classed as crossover metal! Thrash, traditional metal and groove all come together in one immense blast of energy, Triple Kill taking no prisoners in their quest for total world domination! There may seem a lack of a melodious intent just because of the overwhelming weight of the band’s style of metal, but trust me readers it’s there – ‘Weight Of Eternia’, a devastating pace changing aural assault of rougher, gruffer heavy metal than heard so far. The hard hitting nature of Triple Kill is astounding, the band blazing a fiery trail across the land to leave only desolation in their wake.

And talking of blazing a fiery trail across the land, the band recently completed a successful short tour of Australia with fellow Australian metallers Orpheus Omega – a six date double bill of decimation billed as Riff ‘N’ Tour! Orpheus Omega, a melodic death metal outfit also hailing from Melbourne, has recently released a brand new E.P. ‘Portraits’ – check it out at the band’s official Bandcamp page. Now back to Triple Kill with ‘Torn’, and an unbroken level of intensity, the band hammering hard, breaking bones and crushing skulls with ferocity and finesse! But don’t get me wrong, ‘Blackened Dawn’ (the album) isn’t just about ferocity and fierceness – there’s an underlying stream of melodic heavy metal to keep everyone hooked! And when I say everyone, I mean everyone from thrashers to traditional metallers, fans of both genres thoroughly enjoying the music on offer. With more menace and fright than heard previously, ‘The Grafted’ creeps in and adopts a fearful swagger as it blends doom metal leanings with the band’s thrashy heavy metal roots – Triple Kill exploring new horizons in their unrelenting quest to deliver the best metal they can!

And methinks they’re doing a fine fucking job, every song on offer infectious and highly head bang-able – ‘Blackened Dawn’ (the album) maintaining its unforgiving nature with the first single released ‘Finish The Fight’. Pace, power and an immense in your face attitude come to the fore, ‘Finish The Fight’ an aggression fuelled fury that pulls no punches! Which the band have done all album long, delivering song after song with relentless, and devastating accuracy! ‘Hymn, At Parting’ may contain the word “hymn”, but it’s nothing like a hymn – more like a tonne of incendiary devices all exploding at once! The pace is incredible, ‘Hymn, At Parting’ melding groove and speed to dazzling effect – not to mention the head bang ability! Off the fucking charts! A quite frankly, heavier than thou album, comes to a close with ‘Dust’. a final flourish of heaviness to wreak havoc on the masses. Featuring a stronger melodious intent than any other song on offer, ‘Dust’ remains in the deep heavy metal groove carved out by one of Australia’s latest rising sensations.

Overall, a barnstorming barrage of savagery with an immense head bang ability, ‘Blackened Dawn’ is ferocious and fierce yet melodic and friendly.


Blackened Dawn
…And Hell Followed With Him
Weight Of Eternia
The Grafted
Finish The Fight
Hymn, At Parting

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Release Year: 2023
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.