Triple Kill Release New Video ‘Dust’ & New Album ‘Blackened Dawn’ Out Now!

Triple Kill

An unlikely band flanks us with their beautiful new release ‘Dust’.
There are bands within heavy metal who, in spite of all the breakdowns and accompanying stank faces, place emphasis on escapist fun above all else. Introspection will come in due time but for now, let’s riff out and sing about the fantastical, right? Melbourne’s melodic thrashers Triple Kill is one of those bands. Their modus operandi from day one has been a straight-faced ‘Naked Gun’-esque “treat the absurd with utter sincerity” approach, their debut track and accompanying video centering around a goofy toy and cartoon from their collective childhoods.

Well, the funny Beyblade band has surprised us all by releasing a song and video that at a glance, is utterly sincere. This is on the back of another music video full of hotdogs and Elvis costumes.

So what gives?

Their latest music video is for a song called ‘Dust’, and you can experience it all right now.The band describe the track in short as “inspired by Mike Flanagan’s MIDNIGHT MASS, ‘Dust’ is an ode to the friendships forged and memories made that see us us through the proverbial dark night of the soul.”

‘Dust’ showcases thematic orchestrations by Andy Gillion, who is known for his solo records, “Neverafter” and “Arcade Metal”,  his work as songwriter and lead guitarist for melodeath band, “Mors Principium Est” (2011-2020), compositions for several games and his hilarious Youtube Content. Andy’s orchestrations emphasize motifs and themes that are littered throughout both ‘Dust’ and ‘Blackened Dawn’, the tracks that deliberately bookend the album.

‘Blackened Dawn’ features 9 tracks, all written through similar interpretations of media that have carried the band members emotionally through the hardest years of their lives, providing them a much-needed solace through that expression. “We’ve always enjoyed taking inspiration from movies, video games, comic books, and the like to use in our music, but this time a more concerted effort was made to capture what specifically reached us about those properties.

I think with each song we managed to nail down what exactly we felt was exciting, vital or life-affirming about those stories and write music that reflected that for us.” – Connor O’Keane, Drums