Ordinul Negru – A Sojourner Wandering through the Barren Openness (EP Review)

Release Date: November 26th 2022 - Loud Rage Music

From its otherworldly opening moments of dissonant guitars that merge seamlessly into pounding double kicks and then blinding speed, Romania’s Ordinul Negru follow up their Nebuisa EP with another, except that A Sojourner Wandering through the Barren Openness is a single track.

At a very generous 22.33, Ordinul Negru continues their constant experimentation with excellent musicianship. The outstanding riff work from the nine-minute mark echoes long after it’s finished with its melody over blast before delving into full-blown post-doom-styled terror.  The native-styled chants, clean vocals, and female voices add only to at times an ethereal quality yet it is not afraid to become bone-crushingly heavy with pure black metal chaos. It’s Brutally heavy, Dissonant, and incredibly true to its nature.

Single tracks at times can feel disjointed yet A Sojourner… avoids this by presenting a well thought out excellently constructed piece of work, the time change at the 14-minute mark grabs you and hurls you into a different direction before taking a step back from the abyss with a moment of succinct and clear beauty, seductive in its ability to create great upheaval.

A Sojourner Wandering through the Barren Openness is a musical expedition into the lost arts and the darkness, leaving the beautiful vocals to invoke its mantra “I will destroy” a brilliant counterpoint to the crescendo that follows, the musical annihilation of “Pyres are honored by Slaves”

Musically demanding its sudden silence commands to take the journey again,  to savor the parts remembered and discover its endless hidden layers. A stunning singular piece of work.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Loud Rage Music
Category: EP
Country: Romania

Reviewed by Sparky