Vulvodynia (South Africa)

Metal-Roos: Hi Duncan, it’s Steve calling from Metal-Roos.

Hey man, it’s great speaking with you!

M-R: So, it must be exciting to be heading to Australia very soon?  

Yeah, man, we are so excited to be heading over that way. We’ve had fans ask us for the last 4 years to come and tour, so we are just really happy to finally get this offer to come through.

M-R: Yeah, for sure! What are most looking forward to when you get here?

Seeing some kangaroos and holding some koalas (laughs). I feel like South Africa has a lot of similarities to Australia, so I think we will feel at home when we are that side. We seem to hit it off with any of the bands we tour with and I have this vibe that it will be a good one for us.

M-R: For sure! I hope so, unfortunately, I won’t see you guys this time around as I’m on the West Coast.

Ahhh, all good man. We’ll come back next year and hit up the cities we missed. 

M-R: Awesome. Now I’m going to leave the pronunciation of the new EP to you, so I don’t murder it (laughs)

Yeah, it’s “Athropophagus”. The harder it is to pronounce the name the heavier the album is going to be in the slam scene (laughs).

M-R: That’s it! So, I see you got the mighty Dickie Allen as a guest on the title track. 

Yes, we got Dickie Allen from Infant Annihilator and also Kevin Miller who we met when he was on tour with Suffocation. We watched him and we were like “wow! his vocals are extreme we’d love to have him on the new album”. We’ve wanted both of them on there so, we thought we’d throw both on and see how it goes. 

M-R: So, you just told them both you were throwing something down in the studio and would they like to help out?

Yeah, Dickie Allen has been a fan of the band for a while now and I just felt like he nailed his spot. With Kevin Miller, when we saw him in Germany last year we just got along really well, and he was super nice so getting him to do the guest spot was super easy. They didn’t charge us or anything and that, so that was super cool. 

M-R: I guess it would go both ways you would be a fan of what they do also?

Yes, most definitely. I feel like most of the guest spots were people we enjoy listening to and people we feel honoured to have on our songs. It’s really cool to get guest features from people we look up to.

M-R: Is there anyone still on the bucket list that you would still like to work with?

Yeah, there’s still quite a few, but I feel like they are out of our range. I love Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel, I would kill to get Frank Muller, the original Suffocation vocalist… Slowly but surely, we will get them on our roster. Once we release albums in the future.

M-R: It’s always nice to keep that dream alive.

Yeah and now that we are getting more recognition it easier for us to contact these people to get them on our albums. Eventually we’ll have no one to guest feature apart from all of our friends (laughs).

M-R: Nice, aside from the music, I see that you have an apparel company called “crowd kill”. How did that begin? Did you want to wear some brutal threads?

We realized we were going through so many expenses as a touring band going overseas from South Africa, so we needed a little something to bring in a little cash to cover all these extra costs. The idea of Crowd Kill came along because we saw there weren’t any other stores with all over print merchandise for brutal bands, so we decided to open up that store. We are slowly trying to bring in more bands. We don’t have day jobs; we all do Vulvodynia for a living as well as session musicians and teaching lessons and what not. Crowd Kill helps us to cover all the costs as a touring band.

M-R: Oh, for sure, I completely understand! So, are there any brutal bands ticking the boxes for you at the moment or are you the type of artist who steers away from listening to brutal music?

I see a few signed to Unique Leader records. Bands like Mental Cruelty and Ingested, we recently just finished a tour with Fit for an Autopsy and Justice for the Damned. They are from Australia and we got along really well, those guys were really fucking awesome!

I’m open to all sorts of music and I’m pretty much enjoying all the heavy releases at the moment. I’m also digging this band called Whoretopsy. I’ve been listening to them for quite a while now… Australia has some insane bands!

What is the best and worst part about touring apart from being away from your loved ones?

For me the best part is being able to finally meet our fan base and because we spend all our time behind our computers here in South Africa, seeing people who are actual fans that freak out when they see us is awesome. One down-side, I’ve learned, is doing a tour that is too long can really put a strain on the band. Last year, we did a full month tour in Europe, like 32 shows or something and towards the end after 20 something shows we all started getting so sick and sick of the set we had, the songs we were playing. We needed a change, we try and limit ourselves to two week long tours because towards the end you want it to continue rather than “I wish I could go home now!”. It’s important to keep tours at a length where people can still keep their sanity. There are a lot of dynamics that go into touring that I’m learning, some of the other bigger bands have been teaching me. Other than that, touring is fucking amazing and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

M-R: Well thank you so much for taking time to chat with me tonight it’s been awesome and best of luck with the Australian tour maybe next time you can hit the West Coast .

Man, it has been an absolute pleasure. Cheers, buddy, we are really looking forward to it.

Interview Date: 2019-09-01

Interviewer: Steve Monaghan