Yanomamö / Slomatics (Split Review)

A Split release of epic organic doom from Australia and Belfast.

From the huge opening organic riff that is Yanomamö’s Dig two graves, you immediately know you are on a doom/sludge journey of epic heaviness, that cares little for times time changes but finds a groove and pummels you with it. Natural and organic This Sydney four-piece creates an impenetrable wall of sound punctuated by some hellish screams before slipping into an even dirtier groove that’s thick, dirty, and evocative of true Metal.

Slomatics are a three-piece from Belfast in Ireland that can match the gauntlet thrown down with their Griefhound track. A guitar sound so dirty and rinsed in the buzz it attacks the senses slowly dragging you down into their doom Psychedelic world that is unafraid of its influences and yet moves forward, further proof that Doom as a genre is still very, very uncompromising.

The problem with splits is that they aren’t long enough and as a teaser for both bands pursuing the depths of heaviness, then this is a must-have.

Four sludgy Roos

  1. Yanomamö – Dig 2 Graves 05:51
  2. Slomatics – Griefhound 04:27

Yanomamö: Facebook

Slomatics: Facebook

Release Year: 2021
Label: Iommium Records
Category: Split
Country: Australia / Northern Ireland

Reviewed by Sparky