Bergrizen – Die Falle (Album Review)

Release Date: December 21st 2023 - Purity Through Fire

Bergrizen - Die Falle

Ukrainian black metal stalwarts Bergrizen have over the last fifteen years been able to combine ambient folk with black metal and classical arrangements to create a sound that is their own. After the subtlety of their previous release ‘’ Orathania’’ they have returned with a cold black fury that is their seventh masterwork ‘’ Die Falle’’.

Immediate and organic Die Falle is best enjoyed as a singular piece of art, its is majestic yet surrounded in mystery, an album that took three years to complete, singular composer Myrd’raal spent time in hospital with a lung condition and was unsure if the vocals could be completed, guests /session musicians spent time on the frontline and the lack of reliable resources make the completion of Die Falle an accomplishment in its self.

The anger and visceral immediacy of ‘’ Der rituelle Mord (Öffnung der Tore)’’ is balanced by the sumptuous introduction to ‘’Ich vergebe nicht’’ (I will never forget you) and its slow tremolo build into a bleak ode of remembrance. It follows on from the grandeur that is ‘’ Ich vergesse nicht’’ (I do not forget) and its tremendous guitar work and excellent percussion. The vocals are so impassioned and wails authentic that they are tangible and intrinsic to the compositions.

‘’Die Falle (Der Wanderer 3)’’ with its piano and orchestral arrangements is beautifully crafted that makes its descent into the cold black abyss more jarring, the blast beats and violin bridge with screams of agony combine the beauty and bleakness incredibly, and the keyboard laden coda is layered over the blast beats to create the greatest of crescendos.

Elegant with a sense of introspection ‘’ Verschneite Winternacht’’ is the haunting closer with its keyboards and subtle percussion. Poignant and moving Die Falle is a beautiful creation borne from violence and anguish yet littered with moments of subtle beauty. They define the juxtaposition of beauty in darkness, bleakness versus hope, and overcoming adversity. Grandiose and stunning ‘’ Die Falle’’ is essential.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Purity Through Fire
Category: Album
Country: Ukraine

Reviewed by Sparky